Recent Club News

Health of the Club:

 Marg met Brian and Betty Dorling during Dickinson Days and he expressed appreciation for blood donors and volunteers at blood donor clinics. Brian has low bone marrow and is getting blood transfusions weekly. Wedding anniversaries on June 7th include Ralph and Elaine Tweedy, Brian and Claudette Bristow, and Brian and Carrie Fritsch.  Other anniversary June 14th Arno and Marla Giek. Birthdays:  Arno Giek June 6, Brian Cromie June 7, Rich Wilson June 12, Lucie Sauvageau June 16 and Neda Clarke June 14. Congratulations to all.


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Club Happenings:

Meeting June 6 , 2018:  40+people attended the meeting.  Thanks to Lolachers for a delicious meal. This was the first of our summer meetings. Gary Coulombe acknowledged our appreciation to Brian Cromie for the hard work in putting together Dickinson Days. He was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a laminate copy of the article he wrote for the Messenger May 18th. The BBQ on Sunday, June 3rd raised $500.00 net, $200. from the Key Club and $44.00 collected by St. Mark Key Club from the crowd. The money is going to a person with ALS and  family in Osgoode. Claudette Periard read an announcement from the Montego Bay Convention stating that the Kiwanis Club of Manotick has met the criteria for EC&C recognition as a distinguished club and presented the award and badge to President Richard.  Richard, in turn, congratulated all members since we all share this honor. Claudette also had a Kiwanis moment to share.  Her grand daughter, 12 yr. old, Chandy Joy Renaud, got quite involved at the Kiwanis booth and was passing out pamphlets and candy to passersby.  She asked when she could join Kiwanis.
Ralph Tweedie had a draw from the volunteers who participated in Dickinson Days and winners received soapstone carvings.  Winners were Rick Coates, Brian Fritsch, and Kasey Krzyzanowski.